Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Falling Apart

So obviously I decided to go to the shore.. and yes I had a good trip! Baking on the beach was one of the BEST ideas I had all summer. Then suddenly everything was falling apart all over again. It seemed the more I picked myself up, the harder I fell down. In reality, the only place I wanted to be was with him and me being on vacation made me miss him even more. I started to think of all the things that made me love him, all of his imperfections, even the little things that bothered me I had started to long for. I missed the way he would stumble to the bathroom in the morning and the imprint on his face from the blanket. The way his hair would be a mess but he made it look so good, I even started to miss him breathing down my back in the middle of the night. I longed for his touch, but for some odd reason I could feel him still linger in my bed. I could smell him all around me, even in my sheets. Those were the little things that made it better, but also made it harder to be alone. Those were the things I looked forward to when a phone call couldn't ease my loneliness. But at the end of the day one thing remained the same: I couldn't live without him. I was on an abandoned emotional roller coaster, and it wasn't going to stop until its conductor had come back. Without him, I was just stuck on the track. Was anyone coming to save me?...

Welcome to Reality.