Sunday, January 3, 2010

How exactly should I feel?

Before I knew it, I was about to sink my teeth into something I couldn't bare to chew. I mean, how exactly should I feel? I was only fifteen years old when this guy had turned my life around. I couldn't even imagine spending 4 days without him let alone 4 months, especially with a past like his. Come on now, every dog has had his day but he has had plenty. This is the guy who didn't even mention he had a girlfriend of SIX years for the first month we dated. What was going to happen when tons of women every night were throwing themselves at him and I'm 143 miles away? When we're not together its like neither of us knows what to do. He becomes an egotistical jerk-off, and I become somebody I have never met. Now picture that guy, with many females and a LOT of alcohol: I think your catching my drift? But who says goodbyes are ever easy, even if they are temporarily...

Welcome to Reality.